Five Years Later

I am currently celebrating five years of running L J Zuber Photography. Two and a half of those years I ran the business part-time while being a web-developer and marketing manager, the other two and a half years it was pursued full-time. Over a hundred weddings and over a hundred different varieties of shoots has built my portfolio and while I’d like to share how humbled I am by being fortunate enough to work for myself and how much I adore my business, I also want to share that not everything is rosy in life, no matter what social media can represent.

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An early flight, a long train journey and a whole new city. Arriving in Osaka was the first stop for our exciting adventure around Japan.

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Twenty-four hours of solid travelling and going from starfishing air con to -2 was a culture shock! Arriving in Beijing late at night exhausted, I still marvelled at how the city’s architecture for the hotels and offices is unique in itself; large, square lego-like structures with small windows neatly lined next to one another in organised rows. Every street is pristine, pedestrians walk in completely straight lines and the entire culture and city appears to run on an almost robotic clockwork.

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