Fifteen reasons why Autumn is the best season of the year!

I love Autumn, it’s my favourite time of the year and the best time to start thinking of those gorgeous family and portrait photographs that make the perfect Christmas gifts. Take a look at some of the reasons why this beautiful season is the best of them all!

As a child Autumn meant a new pencil case and funky new school bag. As a teenager is was the dreadful realisation that another year of school was approaching. As an adult September brings a sense of relief that summer is done with and you get to enjoy good TV, crispy leaves and cosy nights. As Helen Hunt Jackson once wrote: ‘by all those lovely tokens / September days are here / with summer’s best of weather/ and Autumn’s best of cheer.’

1. Halloween is just around the corner – dressing up, spooky stories and films and sweets!

2.Autumn/Winter collection clothes are back out – nice colours and warm cosy knits!

3.The kids are back at school – no more young people clogging up shops, public transport, and city streets. Huzzah!

4.Going for a walk and taking in some of that crisp autumnal air – and stepping on those extra crunch leaves

5.Looking outside and being pleased with your decision to stay in and watch Netflix

6.Hot chocolate and warm spiced drinks are on the menus

7.The nights get darker earlier so you feel less guilty about coming in and putting your pyjamas straight on

8.The best food comes out – hearty warm meaty meals, cinder toffee, chocolate and cakes

9.You don’t have to maintain a summer body – no bikinis and shaving legs!

10.The clocks go back so you get a whole hour extra in bed!

11.Everything smells incredible – the fresh air, smell of burning leaves, candles and pumpkin spice everything!

12.You start to see the animals getting ready to hibernate – cute little hedgehogs!

13.Getting warm by a cosy fire or cuddled up with a hot water bottle and blanket!

14.By the end of Autumn Christmas is nearly here – Santa Claus is coming to town…

145The colours also make the best backdrops for family portraits so book yours today in a beautiful country park.

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